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Joyce C. Wicks of Kinfolks Korner Genealogy Services announces the reprint of
The Biographical Record of Champaign County, Illinois, Illustrated published by the S.J. Clarke Company.

The Biographical Record includes the stories, photos, origins, careers and accomplishments of hundreds of citizens of Champaign County, Illinois living in the area  in 1900. It also contains records of many of their spouses, siblings, children, grandchildren and deceased ancestors. Many of them immigrated to Champaign County from other parts of the United States and other countries.

You just may find previously unknown information about your ancestors in this valuable publication.  

The following list includes the main characters. There is a biographical section for each of them. In addition, there are many, many others not in the index, but that may be found using the searchable C.D. included with your purchase.

The main surnames include:Abernathy, Ahlrichs, Ahrens, Ald, Alpers, Arnold, Babb, Bailey, Bainum, Baldwin, Ball, Banes, Barber, Barry, Battershell, Beardsley, Beatty, Beisser, Bellinger, Bennett, Besore, Bireley, Black, Blackshaw, Blaine, Blue, Bond, Bragg, Braithwaite, Bridges, Briggs, Brown, Buch, Buckles, Burnham, Burr. Burrill, Burres, Busey, Butler, Cailey, Campbell, Canaday, Carle, Carley, Carnaham, Carpenter, Carter, Chadwick, Chaffee, Cherry, Chester, Clark, Coffey, Columbia, Cook, Cosner, Craig, Cranston, Craw, Cross, Cunningham, Dale, Darrah, Davidson, Davis, Day, Deere, DeLong, Dick, Dilling, Dobbins, Donoghue, Doty, Draper, Dresback, Dresser, Dunseth, Eagleton, Ehler, Emig, Eversole, Fackler, Fauley, Fielding,  Finch, Fitzgerald, Fluck, Flynn, Foster, Fox, Frankeberger, Free, Freeman, Gardiner, Gensel, Gehrke, Geiger, Gill, Filmore, Glascock, Graves, Gregory, Groves, Gulick, Haines, Hall, Hammer, Hannan, Harbison, Hardy,  Hartford, Hartman, Hayward, Hebel, Heiler, Herbstreit, Hewerdine, Hicks, Hill, Hinton, Hoffman, Holmes, Hough, Howard, Hubbard, Hume, Hummel, Ireland, Ijams, James, Jessee, Jones, Johnston, Karcher, Keach, Kenney, Kirkpatrick, Kilbury, Kellogg, Klein, Kratz, Kyle, Lamb, Lanam, Lange, Larkin, Lawder, Leal, Lee, Lehnian, Lenington, Lester, Lindley, Lindstrum, Lloyde, Loomis, Lorenz, Lurnsden, Lutz, Lyons, McCann, McCarty, McClurg, McCoy, McHugh, McIntyre, McKinley, McLean, Manspeaker, Martin, Massey, Mathews, Maxwell, Meharry, Mieback, Miller, Mills, Mitchell, Montgomery, Morfey, Morgan, Morris, Mosier, Mudge, Mullin, Munhall, Murphy, Myers, Neblock, Nelson, Newcomb, Nichols, Nicolet, Nofftz, Nogle, Nye, O'Brien, Odell, O'Neal, Owen, Paine, Parker, Parks, Parnell, Pattengale, Pell, Peters, Pettenger, Pfisterer, Porterfield, Potter, Prather, Price, Pulliam, Quayle, Ramey, Ratts, Rearden, Reed, Reimund, Renner, Rice, Richards, Richardson, Rittenhouse, Richmond, Roberts, Robinett, Robinson, Roughton, Royal, Rush, Russell, Sabin, Sackrider, Sadorus, Saffell, Sale, Savage, Sawdey., Sawyer, Schenk, Schuerich, Seeber, Sheffer, Sheldon, Shepher, Shurtz, Sim, Singbusch, Skinner, Smith, Smyres, Somers,  Sperling, Spore, Spradling, Stacker, Stark, Staubus, Stedman, Stephens, Stewart, Strong, Stevenson, Stitt, Suessmith, Swayze, Tackett, Talbott, Tanner, Taylor, Tierney, Thomas, Thorpe, Towne, Trotter, Tucker, Turner, Unzicker, Voss, Wade, Wagner, Walker, Wall, Warner, Warnes, Watkins, Wiggins, Weaver, Webber, Webster, Weeks, Wheatley, White, Williamson, Williams, Wilson, Winchester, Wright, Wrisk, Yeats, Zerbe and Zimmer.

The Biographical Record of Champaign County Illinois, 655 pages, plastic spiral bound w/ laminated covers, including a searchable C.D. is available for $65.00.

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